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October 30, 2012
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Stillness hung in the evening air, as Drew walked slowly down the dim hallway. Every now and then, he would pass by one of the corridor's large windows, his youthful form silhouetted against the sunset-laden sky outside. Before long, he took another turn, entering an interior hall that was devoid of sunlight, yet illuminated by the soft glow of lights that hung upon the walls.

He continued down the hall, until he found herself standing before the doors to the parlor. It was a large set of double doors, which were composed of wood and had a wide range of intricate designs carved into them. He gently set one of his hands against one of the doors, standing for the longest time in a state of silence and contemplation. Finally, after taking one more deep breath, he pushed the door open, and began to gazing into the room.

The parlor was a rather small room, yet a lavished one at the same time. Its carpet laden with rugs of satin, its furniture of velvet, and many of its ornaments composed of the finest crystal. The entire room also hung in a state of constant dimness, its only illumination being the setting sun outside its broad, decorative windows. However, in Drew's eyes, this state of mild darkness, glossed by the natural light of the setting sun, only made everything seem all the more beautiful.

With a quick gaze across the room, Drew soon spotted a figure sitting upon one of the sofas. It was a blackened figure of vaguely equine form and proportions. Its legs were long, and appeared to be filled with numerous pores. Around its torso was a carapace-like exoskeleton, from which a pair of insect-like wings sprouted gracefully. Upon her head was a long mane, its bluish-green hairs draping past her shoulders like the branches of a graceful willow tree. From her behind, and over the sofa, hung her tail, its reed-like hairs much like those of her mane. Emerging from her head, amidst her unkempt yet stunning mane, was a long and twisted horn.

Ever so slowly, Drew began to step across the parlor, towards the figure. The room was filled with such a silence, that even his steps across the soft rugs could be heard. Before long, he found himself standing right beside the sofa; the elegant figure's back still turned to him. Finally, after a long period of silence, he opened his mouth and began to speak.

"You called for me, my queen?" he asked softly

Very slowly, the figure turned her head towards Drew, allowing him a clear view of her face. Her eyes were green, and radiating in the evening light like a pair of precious emeralds. Within the green light of her eyes, her pupils could be seen, appearing narrow and silted in form. Hanging low over her eyes were her lids. They appeared to be of a jade-green color, with long lashes extending from them in an unruly fashion. Several strands of her mane could be seen hanging down the center of her face, like fragments of an alluring veil. Following these strands of hair brought one to her jaw, from which a pair protruded. They were long and sharp, their ivory whiteness practically glistening in the shadows.

"Yes, I did…" she began to say, "I am glad you could make it…"

To Drew, her voice was as sweet as nectar, as smooth as the finest oil, and seemed to drip continually with a seductive allure. Every moment she talked, he would let this heavenly voice caress his ears, and fill them with an aura of ecstasy. After savoring his queen's words, Drew at last began to respond to them.

"What is it you desire, my beautiful queen?" He said in a humble tone

"I do not require your servitude this evening," she began to say soothingly, "I, have called you here for a different matter."

Upon hearing this, Drew became confounded. He simply looked upon his queen in a state of confusion, silence once again falling upon the dimly-lit room. Seeing her servant in this state caused the queen to giggle, before speaking once more.

"I have called you here this evening, because I simply desire to speak with you." She continued, "Have you become so entrenched in your servitude to me, that you have forgotten how to enjoy an evening of relaxation? How to release the burden of duty, and let pleasure take its place? How to address me by my name, rather than as your queen?

"Apologies…Chrysalis." Drew finally said, a smile forming across his face

Chrysalis giggled once more, and made room on the velvet sofa for Drew to take a seat. The young man placed himself down upon the comforting cushions, and watched as his queen began to place her front hooves upon his lap. She then turned her head towards him, and her lush green of her eyes met the clear blue of his. As the two continued staring into one another's eyes, Drew felt a sense of uncertainty. At last, Chrysalis began speaking to him about the matter at hand.

"You have served me so well, for so long." She said to him softly, "Furthermore, I have noticed how you look at me; how you gaze upon me whenever I pass, and how your eyes seem to shine whenever we are in one another's' presence."

Upon hearing this, Drew's face began to turn deep red. His heart became filled with emotions of joy, hearing that his queen appreciated all he had done for her; yet it became filled with emotions of embarrassment as well, hearing that she also seemed to notice the growing affection he had for her.

"Do not fret Drew," Chrysalis began to say, seeing the torrent of emotions in his eyes, "for I have called you hear to bring news that will surely bring ecstasy to your heart."

Excitement became yet another feeling that entered Drew's heart as he heard these words. He remained silent, and eagerly waited for whatever else Chrysalis had to tell him.

"For too long, I have never known true love…" She said, her voice laced with melancholy, "But now, as I have observed the feelings you clearly hold for me, I have at last realized how joyous it can be to feel the same way. To possess love in one's heart, rather than feed off of it, and to give it to one whom you hold dear…"

Chrysalis' brief moment of excitement was once again brought to one of doubt. A silence followed, before she began to once again speak to Drew in a concerned tone.

"But, before I can express such an emotion, I must know the truth…" she said solemnly, looking deeply into Drew's eyes once again, "Do you…love me?"

Drew reached out his hand, and delicately placed it upon the back of Chrysalis' head. He began to run his fingers through her hair, before taking a deep breath and letting out what he had kept locked within his heart for too long.

"…Yes…" he said with a deep breath, "Yes I indeed love you. Both your alluring appearance and your regal persona have captivated me ever since I was made your servant in your household…"

In the next instant, the queen and her loyal servant pressed their lips firmly together, and embraced in a loving kiss. All the while, their tongues intertwined, Chrysalis wrapping her serpentine tongue lustfully around Drew's. Eventually, the two fell back upon the sofa. Drew's back pressed hard against the cushions, while Chrysalis rested herself on top of him, their lips still locked all the while. Finally, Chrysalis released herself from Drew, and leaned upwards a little bit; a strand of saliva still dangling between the two of them, until it finally broke in two.

"I knew it…" Chrysalis said, an alluring smile sliding across her face, "I knew it, and I could not be happier…"

Drew simply smiled. Still gazing into the eyes of his now loving queen, and his hand still resting against her silky hair, he began running his fingers through its strands, until reaching her ear. Once there, he began tickling it from behind, listening to Chrysalis giggle all the while.

"You certainly know how to please your queen…" she said happily, amidst her countless laughs

The two continued their romantic antics. All the while, the evening had been progressing onwards, and the sun was now sinking low over the horizons, its rays blazing directly through the window. At the same time, Drew seemed to notice that its light caused Chrysalis' wings to glisten, and her eyes to shine all the brighter. He now felt as if he was looking upwards into the heavens, upon a radiant angel.

Still atop Drew, her front legs now crossed and resting upon his chest, Chrysalis continued looking down at him, before gradually moving her eyes down towards his shirt. Gazing upon it, she began to grin slyly.

"You look…a tad warm in that…" she said soothingly, "…let me help to comfort you…"

In the next instant, Chrysalis' twisted horn began to glow brilliantly, its green light radiating amidst the ever darkening atmosphere of the parlor. At the same time, the buttons all along Drew's shirt began to glow, as each one began to come undone, from top to bottom. Before he knew it, the young servant found himself lying bare-chested before his queen, who continued to stare down at him with a loving smile.

Chrysalis reached out her hoof, and began sliding it up and down Drew's chest. To Drew, it felt cold, yet very soothing as well. He breathed deeply, savoring its rare and indescribable feel. One hoof placed upon his chest, Chrysalis once again leaned her face towards Drew's and the two embraced in yet another ecstatic kiss.

The two continued their romantic pleasures for some time further, until the evening sun had fallen beyond the horizon, and the night had shrouded the sky in its place. Finally, with the only light left in the room being that of her seductive eyes, Chrysalis yawned, and rested her head softly on Drew's chest. With one hand still in her mane, Drew reached over, and placed the other gently upon his queen's back. Slowly but surely, resting in one another's embrace, the two began to drift into a tranquil slumber.

"Hmm…you have definitely made this an evening I shall not forget…" Chrysalis said, with a warm tone to her voice

From that night on, in the queen's eyes, the young man she now lay with was no longer her servant…he was her lover…

Well, I finally did it... I finally managed to write a romantic story involving me and Queen Chrysalis... :faint:

Bear in mind that, in being sort of my first fic of its type, the quality probably isn't top-notch. Critiques and criticism are welcomed, as long as they are polite and constructive.

Lastly, if people actually like this, I hope to write more like it, if I can just find the spare time (damn school, devouring all my free time and creativity, LOL).
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Mark-Terron Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yet again, you deliver a beautiful story of love and not merely lust. You sir write stories that really warm my heart. I find it difficult to find romantic mlp related writings that aren't cheesy or just filthy clo.p. You seem to know the right balance and that really does make me overjoyed and leaves me wanting to read more of your great works! Keep it up you awesome guy you! : ) 
Clapping Pony Icon - Queen Chrysalis 
Chrysalislover Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Aww :3 Thanks, SO much :D
RealFduch Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
Very nice, romantic and warm =)

P.S. Couple typos:
"from which a pair protruded"
"I have called you hear"
"she now lay with"
Chrysalislover Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014

Thanks :D

And, LOL, thanks for telling me. I'll confess, grammar and spelling aren't my strong points ^^;

htrevor27 Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
I'm a bit envious.
Chrysalislover Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
Hehe :D
htrevor27 Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
She's perfect. Wonder if *I* can get a job serving her?
Chrysalislover Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
Maybe. lol
htrevor27 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
So how did she get you as her servant?
Chrysalislover Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
Not sure, lol. Just the position I already had by the events of this short story.
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